Chinese Factories – Many Questions Still Remain

by debek
food There have been many TV crews that have tried to get good stories out of China, as well as expose various misdeeds such as how workers are treated in factories, how our products are made, and the amount of pollution on the land, sea, and in the air coming from that great nation. The Chinese communist government tries to curtail much of this criticism, and has made it tough on TV crews as they are still busy censoring any negative information coming from behind the Great Wall. Okay so let’s talk about this for second shall we?

They asked the US to stop talking about the air pollution in Beijing and Shanghai, and they wish the media would stop talking about all the pollution in the Yangtze River. They don’t want us discussing the chemical laden drywall, the poisonous pet food, or any of the unhealthy chemicals used in protein feed for livestock, as much of that food is shipped to the United States. Yes, there are many things they don’t wish us to talk about, including the fact that 1% of the pollution in the air in California has blown over the entire Pacific Ocean from China. It’s just not funny anymore.

There was a rather troubling story on Manufacturing (dot) net titled; “German TV Crew Filming At China Factory Attacked,” on August 16, 2012 which said that the TV crew was doing a story on pollution, but the mob came after them calling out them saying; “Death to foreign spies” and I’d say this is a very unfortunate but an all too common situation. The crew was abducted by angry workers who apparently stormed the cafeteria according to this article, and the Chinese media in several pieces tell that Chinese authorities sent in police SWAT-like teams to rescue them.

So now China wants to say it has saved the day, but in fact they have previously insinuated that international media and foreign TV crews come there to spy, and that they are bad, even though many of these TV crews are working hard to prevent economic enslavement and poor working conditions for the very workers who’ve been brainwashed to attack TV crews doing exposés on what’s really going on there.

Lastly, I ask why China is so worried about “foreign spies” in their factories. After all much of what they are producing is stolen technology from our country to begin with. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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