How to Select the Perfect Hair Comb for Hairdressing ?

by eden nawaz

For precision and control, barbers always stay in search of the right hair comb. If the comb is not proper, they face difficulties in setting their customer’s hair. The right hair comb gives them confidence, helps them make sections in their hair, and completes clear partings with complete accuracy. If giving the best style to your customer’s hair is your top priority, you need to invest in the right comb. 

Things to Consider While Choosing a Comb

Here are some aspects that you need to consider to choose the perfect hair comb:

Shape of Teeth

The shape of a comb’s teeth determines how comfortable it will be on the scalp. While buying a comb, you need to carefully see whether its teeth have smooth and round edges. Such edges are comfortable and ideal for the scalp. When you brush your customer’s hair with such a comb, that person will get a massage-like feeling.

Durability and Style

A durable, sturdy and stylish comb will not only last long but can also boost your esteem and confidence significantly. You might not want to take out a thin hair comb before your customers as it can give a negative impression.

Length of the Comb

Usually, most hairdressers prefer a 7-inch over the others as they can use it for multiple purposes. Using it, they can give any type of shape to their clients’ hair. However, the size preference is not the same for all. You may also go with a comb having a size of up to 9 cm, depending on your preference and comfort.

The Size of Your Hand

It is your hand that does the job of cutting the hair of your client. However, the size of the hand is different for all. If you choose a hair comb smaller in size compared to your hand, it will not be comfortable for you to cut the hair. Similarly, if the comb is bigger, you may face difficulty handling it properly. So, rather than choosing the size of comb most hairdressers prefer, considering the size of your own hand should come first.

Besides hair combs, hairdressers nowadays prefer cutting hair with clippers. It makes the overall process of setting up customers’ hair much faster and more convenient. Setting a hairstyle using clippers is also a safer option as it negates the chances of cutting the skin of customers. 

Like choosing a hair comb, you should also give time while selecting hair clippers for men or women. Combs for clippers also vary in size. You need to choose a comb according to the length of hair your customer wants.

If you are a professional hairdresser, you must have the right hair combs that will help you cut your customer’s hair with sheer perfection. A right comb will also give you a sense of satisfaction while doing your work.

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