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Selecting candidates for jobs or other hires via video interview platforms naturally raises concerns about trust and getting the right person, but VeriKlick has just unveiled a solution to respond to this and related worries.

The talent acquisition technology solutions provider says it has launched a cutting edge multi-factor authentication video interview platform which ascertains the identity of every candidate throughout the entire virtual interview and hiring process.

According to a company announcement, the new solution from VeriKlick not only reduces the overall time required to complete the screening and hire, it significantly cuts the cost borne by businesses or institutions for hiring or onboarding.

The platform, according to the company, quickens all of these processes by employing real-time video, voice mapping, facial biometrics and live technical skills testing. Even before this the platform also offers intelligent resumé filtering and reference checks.

Apart from proving technical assessments with a candidate interview scorecard, the system also presents users with a consolidated view of their video interview screening status, candidate reference status, technical screening status, a geographical locator and a lot more, using its Smart Dashboard.

Briefly explaining the application of the platform, VeriKlick founder Komal Dangi said: “VeriKlick has a Smart Dashboard which includes a Fulfillment Calendar that can assist employers in creating a talent pool for current and future talent requirements. Given our global situation with COVID and limited onsite interview opportunities, VeriKlick provides an employer with the ability to interview and test candidates in a highly secure and ‘live’ video interview session.

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