Short-Term Courses That can Help you Shape your Career in The World of Fashion

by NewDelhi YMCA
cutting and tailoring course,

Education is highly important for all. Learning and knowing something new will never backfire for at any point of life. Such things only benefit you in some or the other way in future. Sometimes to simply prepare ourselves for a field or simply to learn a task or skill field allied to your career in order to get a better grip on your tasks. In this blog, we will have a look at few of these short-term courses.

Make Up Artistry

It is a six-month course for those who are passionate about making people beautiful can make a career out of it and can opt for the make up artist course in Delhi. There are a lot of things to learn about to become a good makeup artist who has pursued Makeup and Beautician courses. After graduating from Makeup and Beautician courses, you will need to develop and master the art of giving a flawless look to brides, corporate women and others in general. There are various Makeup courses offered by beauty schools and colleges and you can enroll in them for a cosmetology course. The academic focus in the Makeup course can help you develop a career as a makeup professional in films, spas, or television sets.

Cutting & Tailoring

The main aim of this short term course is to understand different parts of machines, taking body measurements, Knowledge of making full scale drafts of Adult Ladies & Men’s wear and construction of garments. This short term helps student to open own boutique or design studio, work as Pattern Master or Tailor at Production Houses. After finishing the cutting and tailoring course, many jobs are available in public and private sectors, such as Tailoring, Cloth Fitting, and Dressmaking.


These courses help you shape a better career for yourself. If you are already in the fashion world, these courses could serve an amazing additional knowledge for you.

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