The 6 Beginner Tips For Swordship

by debek

In almost every game, dudes that can fly are the worst. In Swordship, the people who are stuck on the harsh surface of a world that has flooded depend on you. You are hired as a pilot to steal containers from the underground elite by flying the stylish and manoeuvrable Swordship. But because the people who live on the surface, called the Banished, have few resources, they have had to cut back on some parts of the Swordship.

So, your success depends on how well you can fly and how quickly you can respond. In this game, it’s easy to lose, but there are things you can do to make sure you stay alive while also making progress.

Dedicate Early Runs To The Banished

The goal of each level, which is called a “Line,” is to gather containers and then take them to random drop-off points.At the end of each Line, you can choose whether to give the Banished the containers you brought or keep them for yourself.

Even though the second gives you more lives, you should spend your early runs giving them all to the Banished. This lets you get a much higher score, which gives you access to more game features, like different ships and upgrades to put on them.

Set Off Mines First

The biggest problem with the Swordship is that it can’t shoot anything. So, you’ll have to count on staying out of enemy fire. The good news is that enemies are just as dangerous to each other as they are to you, and most weapons move slowly enough that you can control them well.

Robotic bombs, on the other hand, are a constant threat throughout the game.The mines are small, but their triggers and blast zones are very large. To help keep the area clean, get close to the mines and quickly move away or dive to escape the explosion.

Be Wary Of Flying Enemies

Most enemies can be killed by making them go after each other, but flying enemies are an exception. These can be especially dangerous and stressful because there is no realistic way to deal with them. You have to rely on the weather, a specific ship, or blowing up valuable containers.

Even worse, most flying enemies use weapons that follow you, making it harder to avoid them. When there are flying enemies on the screen, always remember how they attack, dive often to throw them off, and use their aimed attacks to hurt specific foes.

Practice Diving

Most Swordship models can’t fight back, but they have a good way to defend themselves: they can dive. The Swordship can go under the water for a few seconds or longer while still being able to move around.

When you’re diving, you can’t be hurt by any attacks (except for crashing into buildings), and you can move safely under enemies. But be aware that diving has an invisible cooldown of a few seconds, so you can’t do it again right away. Diving is both a protective and strategic skill, so you should learn how it works.

Use Fire Creatively

Even though the Swordship is a fragile vehicle, it can stand up to a certain amount of fire.If you get hit by a flame attack, you will be set on fire until you either dive to put out the fire or let it blow you up. Still, there’s no need to rush to put out the fire if the Swordship is on fire.

You get an offensive choice on top of the upgrades that make it better to do certain things while on fire. If there are a lot of enemies on the screen, you can get hit by fire and spread it to other enemies who can’t put it out on their own.

Stockpile For The Boss

After you clear the nine lines in each of the three towns, the Swordship will have to face the ultimate defence system.The final level has a boss ship that can try to kill you by trapping you between its arms. Depending on how hard the game is, the boss will have more health, move faster, and have more moves at their disposal.

In the last city, you should keep all the packages for yourself. This will give you the extra you need to get to the boss and then more lives so you can get used to the rhythm of Happy Wheels game. The last boss is an obstacle course, and all of its strikes are shown by a red area that lights up. You have to stay there until a box appears that you can use to get away or blow up to hurt them. You decide how things will end.

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