The 7 Hardest Achievements In PowerWash Simulator

by debek

Can you use a spray to get rid of these marks on your completionist checklist?

PowerWash Simulator is one of the few games that looks and feels as chill as it does. The whole point of the game is to use the pressure washer to clean up dirty cars and surroundings so that they look brand new. Even so, the game can be hard at times.

For example, there is a mode in the game where you can try to clean up a level or finish a job as quickly as possible while spending as little water as possible. Other tasks come with PowerWash Simulator’s achievements, and there are a lot of them that can make the game very hard.

As It Was Foretold


Many of the hardest achievements involve going out of your way to complete a task, but the “As It Was Foretold” award is easy to get because you just have to beat the game. It might sound easy, but you have to clean up 48 levels from the beginning to the end.

Some levels can be done fast, but even with the best tools, others will take hours to finish. It takes 33 hours to finish the main story. So a big part of how hard this game is is how long it takes. You’ll probably need to be patient and take breaks to get through it all.

Powerful Pressure Purist

One of the best things about PowerWash Simulator is that you can choose how you want to clean each time. In particular, you are given different tips that change the size of the stream and the amount of pressure used.

The red tip is the part of your hose that puts the most pressure on a surface, but it only affects a small area. Even though it’s a deep clean, it can be a slow process. This is why you have to use only the red nozzle to clean the van to get the “Powerful Pressure Purist” award.

Merrily Go Round

Some of the things you clean in PowerWash Simulator are fun because they really do work. Take the Carousel level, which is one of the first in the town’s new funfair. A button right in front of the Merry-Go-Round lets you start it up.

To get the “Merrily Go Round” title, you must clean the whole ride without turning it off. This might not seem too hard, since you can clean the horses while standing on the moving platform with the rest of them. But it can be very annoying to try to clean some of the middle parts that don’t move while the machine is spinning.

Delicate Excavation

The white nozzle has a large surface area and is the exact opposite of the red nozzle. Unfortunately, it has the least amount of power, so you can’t really clean deeper with it without getting way too close to the area you want to clean.

The “Delicate Excavation” award asks you to clean up the whole Ancient Monument, which looks like a big hand sticking out of the ground. Even though the white nozzle makes it easy to get close to most of the cleaning, it will take a long time to get all the dirt off with just the white nozzle.

Tall Order

The fire station is one of the bigger jobs in PowerWash Simulator. This includes the main station where the fire trucks are kept and a tall building in the back where firefighters in training can practise their skills. You are given support so that you can work on the outside of the tall building.

Except that you can’t stand on the scaffolding for any reason if you want to get the “Tall Order” award. The best you can hope for is to get an extension that raises the water stream high enough to reach some of the hard-to-reach spots on the practise building. After that, you can use the steps inside to get to the next Penalty Kick Online level.

Gold Standard

As was already said, PowerWash Simulator does have a mode called “Challenge” that tests your speed and your ability to use as little water as possible while doing these jobs. These are very hard, so you can get a silver or bronze prize if you don’t get the best score.

Still, there is a reason to try to get the gold. With the “Gold Standard” award, you have to try five times to get a gold medal. As long as you get gold in any five of the time and water tasks, it doesn’t matter which ones you choose.

Good Dings to Come

PowerWash Simulator is most fun when you fully clean off one part of a level and hear the “ding” sound. These can be heard as you clean, and it’s very satisfying to hear them because it shows how far you’ve come.

The “Good Dings to Come” award is for you if you want to wait to feel happy. On any level, the goal is to get to 95 percent completion without finishing a single job. When you do this, the award will pop, and when you clean up the rest, you’ll hear a beautiful chorus of dings.

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