Top 5 Factors to Think about when selecting a Nursery School in Dubai

by eden nawaz
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Nursery or pre-primary is one of the most challenging milestones in the overall development of a child. It is here the child learns and grows intellectually. Most parents find it challenging to manage and cope with a child’s tantrums and behavioral changes during preschool. To smooth the preschooling phase, parents must choose a school that excels in such cases.  

Dubai is a hub for quality education and is a platform of opportunities. People across the world come to the UAE to find their green pastures. When people reallocate to Dubai, especially with their families, the first thought that comes to their mind is schooling. Most often, it is a tough challenge for working parents. They have to juggle their children’s education and their work. Having a school that provides all the care and attention to its students makes the lives of every parent easy. If you are parenting starting preschooling for your children, read this article carefully. We have put together the top 5 factors to consider when selecting a nursery school in Dubai

1. Type of syllabus used

More often, we overlook the school’s curriculum and instead focus on the extracurricular activities offered by the school. It is essential to ensure your child is an all-rounder; however, the academic future is the one that all parents and students focus on. Hence if you want your child to explore the world in terms of education, you must enroll them in an IB school as the opportunities and curriculum are globally based. Ensure you do not have to change schools after completing Nursery and Pre-Primary only because of the lack of educational facilities. 

2. Faculty 

Students’ personality partly depends on the preschooling they receive in their early years. Teachers and staff members play a vital role in making the students’ school life comfortable. Hence before enrolling your child in any school, make sure you pay a personal visit to the school and get to know the teachers. If possible, attend one of their live teaching sessions with prior permission from the authorities to see them treat and behave with other children in the classroom. 

3. Environment 

The school surrounding also plays a vital role in the child’s upbringing. It is highly recommended that all parents do thorough research on the school environment of the school surrounding before committing to a nursery school. 

4. Distance from your workplace to the school

For working parents, it is imperative to have their child’s school close to their workplace. That way, they can drop off their children while on their way to work. Sometimes parents can pay a surprise visit to ensure their child is safe. It also works when an emergency and the parent’s presence is required. 

5. Language program

Most of the schools in Dubai use English as their primary language. However, other schools provide French, Spanish, and many other languages. Depending on your preference, enroll your child accordingly. Dubai School fees are very challenging and rely on the type of school. Before enrolling your child into any nursery school in Dubai, inquire about the school’s details. 

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