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laptop is a fuzzy concept. Our review is aimed at executives and business people. This means that the most important factors are laptop fashion and portability. and in this blog, we are telling you the laptop prices in Pakistan.

However, we did not foolishly choose the latest and most expensive. But we focus on business users with money. But prefer smart purchases without overpaying for unnecessary things. But it is worth paying for the parameters that are important for work. (Reliability, Safety, Speed, Silence). Additionally, we think most laptops are used by executives working on documents and business applications at the office. Sometimes at home, at a resort, and sometimes on the move. Therefore, we take the convenience of laptops very seriously. Especially the screen, keyboard, ports, and connectors. If you travel more than sit in the office It’s better to buy a tablet with a keyboard cover.

In the ranking are all laptops from various manufacturers. We select the best models from each manufacturer. So it’s interesting to look at brand valuations as well. However, we are reviewing laptops that you can buy from local online stores. Cheap prices are taken from them.

1. Lenovo Thinkpad-X1 Carbon

An indestructible, secure, and lightweight laptop in classic IBM/Lenovo design offers a great balance between performance and autonomy (15 hours). Work comfortably in the car or on a plane when the laptop is on your lap. Security measures include a fingerprint scanner. camera shutter data encryption module The screen protection from shots, and the lack of a LAN port, are only disappointing. The quality of the office Wi-Fi doesn’t always match the quality of this laptop. Therefore, another minus of the USB-LAN adapter (stand) is needed – it costs 769,500 PKR

2. Apple MacBook Pro13 Mi

It doesn’t make sense to compare MacBooks to Windows laptops and convince proponents to switch to another system. But we can objectively say that this laptop is modern, light, thin, and super fast. And it’s highly automated with ARM processors. Admittedly, ARM still has issues with support for some programs. The 13-inch glossy screen is perfect for movies and photos. but not for work Of course, the build quality is top-notch. The 2 state-of-the-art Thunderbolt ports (including charging) work great, but without the old-fashioned USB, you might not be able to connect your favorite mouse or printer. Bar – Some people like it, but it seems like it’s just a toy you can afford. And the price of the laptop is high 655,500 PKR.

3. HP EliteBook 640

HP has finally managed to combine a pseudo-horse with a modern laptop and offer a reasonable, high-quality, luxurious, well-thought-out design. The body is compact and reliable. And a full range of ports, you can also be assured of this laptop’s long-term reliability. Keyboard with great backlighting. But it is claimed in the extra column of buttons on the right. As usual, HP takes security seriously. (Both hardware and software) is very much including providing a curtain for the camera for 384,750 PKR.

4. Asus ExpetBook B9

A very thin and light ultrabook with excellent battery life, Asu’s chips – the numeric keypad on the touchpad will appeal to executives who often use a calculator. The keyboard is awesome. But there is a drawback – the power button instead of the Del button. Another (suspicious) invention is the insertion of a micro HDMI connector for a network cable adapter. Better than nothing at 561,450 PKR.

5. Dell Latitude 5430

This laptop may be lacking in shine and isn’t very thin. But it is a device that is comfortable to use and affordable. This is probably the only laptop we sell with an LTE module, it has a full set of ports including LAN, and a comfortable classic keyboard. (Though it has a power button in its main form.) A very large capacity battery. Using Dell Power Manager, you can fine-tune the balance between battery usage and performance. Price: 390,450 PKR.

6. Acer Swift 3

The Acer Swift 3 is the best choice if you want a lightweight ultrabook and it doesn’t cost a penny. But everything about this laptop is in order: hardware, quality, and design. In this case, you’re paying less. Everything else is equal. The laptop hardly makes any noise. But apparently, it’s getting hot. Price 313,500 PKR.

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